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Treatment of Vocal Cord Masses
(Microlaryngeal Surgery)

Micro-laryngeal surgery is a surgery that aims to remove the lesions in the vocal cord and larynx with the help of a microscope and microsurgical techniques without opening an external incision.

Special sized instruments developed for the surgery of vocal cord masses are passed through tubes that can extend up to the vocal cords, making sensitive work possible. During the operations, it is possible to cut out the pathological tissues and apply different surgical procedures. In some patients, applications such as electrocautery and laser may also be preferred.

Voice therapy is recommended to ensure that the discomfort does not recur after surgery for the treatment of nodule-like formations in the vocal cord. Micro-laryngeal surgery is also performed to remove the fluids (oedema) collected in the Reinke space between the vocal cord layers In general, micro-laryngeal surgery can be recommended for all patients who have received voice therapy before but without success.

How Is Micro-Larengeal Surgery Performed?

Operations are done in two ways. The first technique is surgery, in which conventional instruments (sickle scalpel, microscissors, forceps, etc.) are used. The second technique is surgery performed with laser technology. Although it is advantageous for the patients that the laser technique is performed without touching the vocal cord, the heat given during the application must be kept under meticulous control.