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Face Aesthetic Surgery

Facial aesthetic surgery is generally a cosmetic-based operation applied for the treatment of deformations on the face for any reason. The general purpose of surgical interventions on the face, which is divided into sections as cheek, chin, mouth, forehead, nose and eye area, meets the aesthetic appearance expectations of the patients.

In facial aesthetics, it is very important to correctly determine the organs that distort the image of the patients. For example, a patients with a dissatisfaction in the lower jaw may think that the nose is in front. For this reason, expert experience should be taken into account in determining which area to perform the surgery.

To Whom Is Facial Aesthetic Applied?

Facial aesthetic surgery can be applied to all patients with favorable general health status. Facial aesthetics can be applied to anyone over the age of 18, male or female, with sagging and deformation on the face.

Facial aesthetics, which are generally preferred by individuals over the age of 40, are operations that can be performed on younger are groups. The age limit of cosmetic procedures is decreasing gradually.

What Areas Does Face Aesthetic Surgery Cover?

Aesthetic/cosmetic applications, reconstructive (repair) applications, applications due to traumas, congential anomalies, head and neck surgery can be listed.

Is Facial Aesthetic Surgery Risky?

As with every surgical operation, facial aesthetic operations also have risk factors. Operations that are not performed with the right technique, device and equipment and in accordance with hygiene and sterilization procedures may not meet the expectations of the patients and may also have undesirable results on their general health.

What Are Facial Aesthetic Applications?

Facial aesthetic applications, which are generally performed without surgery, are procedures that are completed in a short time and patients can return to their social lives quickly. Botox and filler take first place among the most preferred facial aesthetic procedures today.