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Chin Aesthetics

Chin aesthetics (Mentoplasty) is performed due to problems such as the chin tip being forward or backwards, the chin structure tapering outward, and the shortness of the chin height. Especially the problems related to the mouth and tooth structure of the patients may require chin aesthetics. After the first evaluation, the method to be applied for the problem in the jaw tip is decided. Procedures such as filling with a prosthesis or rasping the jaw tip can be mentioned.

Why Is Chin Aesthetics Performed?

Chin aesthetics is usually applied to patients who have a small or large chin compared to their face, who have bite and chewing problems due to their jaw structure, and whose chin is forward or behind. Generally, a joint approach with maxillofacial surgeons should be chosen in patients who have difficulty chewing.

How Is Chin Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

The approach to be determined in jaw aesthetic surgeries performed under general or local anesthesia is decided according to the existing structure of the jaw and the depth of the problem. In cases where the lower jaw is behind, augmentation using a chin implant is one of the effective methods. The technique to being applied in different jaw problems may vary.

How Long Does It Take To Recover After Aesthetic Chin Surgery?

Although the recovery process varies according to the procedure applied to the patient, complaints of swelling, pain and tension usually disappear at the end of the first week. There may be numbness in the lower lip for a certain period of time. However, it is not a condition that greatly affects the patient’s quality of life.