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Tube Placement In The Eardrum

It is the placement of small tubes into the hole opened in the eardrum. Types of ear tubes made of materials such as metal, teflon and plastic are used during the procedure. They make it possible for air passage to reach the middle ear.

In What Situation Is The Ear Tube Inserted?

Generally, an ear tube is inserted in case of recurrence of common middle ear infections. Other situations that require tubulation are as follows:

• Fluid accumulation in the middle ear,
• Treatment of ear traumas caused by pressure (conditions due to pressure traumas, especially diving and flight)
• Eardrum collapse,
• Situation where there is a problem with anatomy in the Eustachian tube or eardrum.

What Are The Benefits Of Ear Tube For Patient Health?

• Patients who have an ear tube have a low risk of encountering otitis media again.
• It is a procedure that eliminates hearing problems caused by fluid accumulation.
• Helps with balance, speech and behavioral problems.

How Long Is The Usage Period Of The Ear Tube?

This period, which varies according to the tube used, is 6 to 9 months on average. Then the body tends to expel the tube on its own. Some tubes, called T-tubes, can stay in the ear longer.